KISS: Great leaders keep it simple...

See | Think | Act

Let's give it a go, shall we— We are all seeking the growth curve to the right, especially if in both revenues and profits...
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Three things convert planning into the Strategy Genius™ Scorecard, enabling everyday strategic ACTION...

1) ID the EndUser's buying decision attributes & priorities

2) Define & analyze the market metrics, including key competition

3) Define the strategic framework for your SBU

Why the See Strategy FIRST approach?

The Strategy Genius™ Scorecard converts the Strategy Framework, so effective action programs can be built & executed. Click on the buttons below to see several sample scorecards for their simplicity...
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There are no shortcuts to effective & useful strategic planning. However, we offer an improved decision-making process focused on generating the best tactics, once the strategy frame is defined and clear. If you've been exposed to typical strategic planning processes by any of the B-schools or major consulting firms, their relative differences are minimal.

By contrast the Strategy Genius Scorecard a handy roadmap of tactics for daily review at the desk of the CEO, plus all key managers. If the 30-60 page published strategic plan needs referencing, it won't be done but once per year, or less. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, then, continues as a distant dream or ideal, never to be experienced effectively by the entire Team.

See Strategy First™ provides a unique and statistically sound methodology for clarifying what is important to consumers or other EndUsers and how the EndUsers discriminate among their buying options. Regularly reminding the company leaders of what has been deemed important by EndUsers of your products or services enables focused management action.