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BullsEyeTargetingImgSMLRBull’s Eye Targeting™ — An idea for sound strategic decision making...

2 | May 2015 | Criteria for Sound Strategic Business Decisions — WHAT to DO?

Opportunity Targeting — Bull’s Eye Assessments | The Criteria

  • Magnitude of the opportunity | Sensible estimate of how BIG the opportunity could/ should be, to include...
    • Theoretical revenue “potential” for this business at 100% opportunity success?
    • Current “market size” for comparable products | penetration of theoretical potential?
    • Annual revenue growth in the 3-5 year horizon?

  • Strategic value of the marketing opportunity | Differentiation? Difference from comparables? [1-10 scoring*]?
    • Midas touch — new “space” not heretofore served, e.g., Apple’s original iPhone [10]
    • King of the Hill — One dominant market share leader [8]
    • Game of Inches — Duking it out for incremental market share gains year over year [6]
    • Wolves at the Door — Downward spiral and at risk of losing the business [4]
    • David vs Goliath — Obvious [2]

  • End-user value proposition | Means to quantify and compare — Relative Value
    • Compare attributes (features) to industry leaders and industry average for a sense of “standing”
    • Compare pricing to product/ space leader and to industry average
    • What is relative attribute difference to industry leader? Relative price difference?

  • Time to market — Estimated number of months from funding to launch?

  • Sustainable advantage
    • Business momentum — Can this be “first mover” with sustainable advantage?
    • Visionary leadership in place or known and available or need to find?
    • Inept competition — at some or all?
    • IP protection? Patents/ trademarks/ trade secrets/ copyrights/ branding?

  • Financial return opportunity
    • Time to positive cash flow? | EBITDA% expected 3-5 years out?
    • Level of investment required pre-IPO (or the like)? | Year of 50% ROI for early investors?
    • Do you consider it a business or a “burger” (2B flipped)?